27 days

We’ve been home now 27 days.  A lot has happened in these almost 4 weeks.  It’s been a whirlwind.  We’ve been to the orthodontist, the dentist, and the pediatrician.  Both girls went back to and finished school.  We’ve celebrated Molly’s birthday with a tea at her school and a friend party at our house.  We celebrated Jane Anne’s birthday with a trip to paint pottery.  We’ve been to birthday parties for friends.  We watched Molly graduate from Stepping Stones.  We watched many of our students graduate from ACU.  Jane Anne went to the Midnight Madness party at her school that celebrated top readers.  I had a wonderful dinner with 6 women that I had ached for while in Oxford.  The girls have rehearsed and performed in a dance recital.  We’ve resumed our Meals on Wheels route.  Molly started swimming lessons.

The end of the school year is often like this, but it was kind of a shock coming back from the calmness of our life in Oxford.  Life here in Abilene has started to slow down.  We’ve gotten over our colds and are catching up on sleep.  We love being with our family and friends who are here.  I’ll confess, though, that there are days that I ache for Oxford.  I would never trade my life here — but that is a magical place.

I’ve not had much of a working computer since I’ve been back, which is why I haven’t blogged since I’ve been back.  I have a new computer now, so I’ll be catching up on blogging over the next few days.  I won’t blog as often as I did overseas, but I’ll keep you updated on the happenings of our little family in Abilene.  Our home.


One of my favorite places. Standing in the courtyard of the Bodleian Library looking at the Radcliffe Camera


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