What I most loved about the last months is the routineness of it all. Living life in Oxford and not feeling like we were tourists. Grocery shopping, attending church, working (some days more than others….), cooking, etc.

And yet, there have been moments this semester that have taken my breath away, ones that I want to treasure away in my memory forever. (I linked each one to their original post if you want to revisit them with me.)

1. Candlemas at Westminster Abbey.

2. Eating Gelato outside the Pantheon and then seeing Trevi Fountain.

3. Seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time — and it was twinkling!

4. Eating lunch at Cafe Panis and admiring Notre Dame (both times!)

5. Playing Pooh Sticks on the same bridge that Christopher Robin did.

6. Riding in the Carriage in Salzburg.

7. Our walk in the cold our first afternoon in Oxford.


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