Um, August? (A June Recap)

It’s hard to believe that today is August 1st and our summer is winding down. June and July have absolutely flown by.

We started the summer of at full speed.  I started my in my new position as Director of Faculty Development in the Adams Center for Teaching and Learning on June 1.  While this new role doesn’t require a lot of work in the summer, I was on campus more than usual trying to get my feet under me and learn the ins and outs of my responsibilities.  Right now I’m working on planning the New Faculty Orientation and a mini-conference for faculty before school starts.  I’m looking forward to getting to work with faculty all across campus.

The girls started off June with activities as well.  In addition to preparing for their recital, Jane Anne attended ACU’s Maker Academy, where her team built and raced a go cart! She loved all the hands-on projects and getting to experience ACU’s Maker Lab.  Meanwhile, Molly was across campus at ACU’s soccer camp.

The first Sunday in June was the girls’ recital. I say this every year, but I love watching them do something they love.  And each year I’m amazed at how much they’ve developed as  dancers.  They each had two ballet classes, Molly had jazz, and JA had lyrical.

IMG_7541 IMG_7805 IMG_7613 IMG_7661 IMG_7714

And my niece and sister-in-law got to come to the recital as well! Izzy is definitely one of the the girls’ biggest fans!


My brother’s family stayed in Abilene for about a week, and we got to hangout with them.  The cousins had a great time playing together and one of the highlights of the week was a fun (if hot) trip to the Abilene Zoo.


After they left, Molly and I took a night away to Fort Worth while Bill and JA stayed home to play games and watch the Avengers. We went to the art activity at the Kimbell, relaxed at the hotel, had a dinner date, wandered Sundance Square, and explored the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  It was great to go at Molly’s pace (which isn’t very fast) and get to do EXACTLY what she wanted.

IMG_2417 IMG_2399 IMG_2394 IMG_2387IMG_2446

A few days later, I headed to Chicago.  (Phew — I’m beginning to see why it feels like summer flew by!) Bill had gotten Mumford and Sons tickets for my friend Susie and me.  We had such a relaxing girls week — taking walks, sipping chai, shopping, and just chatting — and Mumford was a blast!  A great concert. (And, yes, we’re wearing sweatshirts. In June. Glorious.)


It was easy to say goodbye to Susie, knowing we’d be back in a couple weeks on our family vacation.

The last couple weeks of June were a bit calmer: some work, some lazy days, time with friends.  We spent much of July traveling, so more about that in a couple of days!



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