Goodbye to all that


We’ve been in Austria for a few days now, so here’s my last post on Oxford.  I’m not quite sure what to say, except that I love this city: I love the architecture and how much green there is.  I love it’s focus on learning and the place where we get to worship.  I love University Park and the Natural History Museum and the Ashmolean.  Mainly, I love how this city plays an important part in our little family’s story.  It’s a good place.

For the past few weeks, there have been a series of lasts.  The students leaving (but hooray! we get to see most of them back in Abilene), the last time to church, the last visit to our favorite museums, the last walk through the park, the last time to eat/drink our favorite things, the last time to schlep groceries home from the store.  (Of course, at the same time, we’re imagining all the things we miss about home in Abilene!)  My #oxfordalphabet has been an homage to some of these things and a way to say goodbye.

Yet, as much as writing about Oxford makes me a bit sentimental, I’m really not sad.  As much as there are many, many things we’ll miss, we are ready for a change of scenery (yea! Austria!) and we are longing for home: seeing friends and family, loving on our little menagerie of pets, and trying out our new house (and offices and car…).

Nonetheless, we’ve even managed to do a few NEW things in our last weeks here, so here’s a quick rundown:

The Story Museum — a museum (a bit pricy or we would have gone more often) dedicated to stories!  Their 26 Characters exhibit asked famous British authors — Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaimen, Michael Morpurgo — about their favorite characters.  We got to visit Wonderland, the world of the Borrowers, Narnia, and Badgers den, among others.  Of course, they had a dress up area.  With a talking throne.

IMG_6393 IMG_6395 IMG_6407 IMG_6418

One sunny, but cold afternoon we headed across Port Meadow to the village of Wovercote to eat at The Trout.  Along the way, we stopped at the ruins of Godstow Abbey and visited with a herd of cows there.  We enjoyed a lovely meal at The Trout, sitting next to a fire and sipping warm drinks.

IMG_6447 IMG_6454 IMG_6471


And, finally, one afternoon we walked down to Magdalen College to explore Addison’s Walk, frequented to C.S. Lewis, when he taught there.  We enjoyed the sunshine and the gorgeous campus of Magdalen.

IMG_6538 IMG_6601


So there it is, goodbye to the city that still takes my breath away.  No worries, we’ll be back.


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