Disneyland Paris!


Our family kind of likes Disney.  A lot.  Since we had a week in Paris and we’d been there before, we decided it would be fun to spend a day at Disney while we were there.  On top of it, over the past four months we’ve dragged the girls to a lot of things that we wanted to see that probably weren’t on the top of their lists.  It was fun to get to do something just for them.  (Because I don’t love Disney at all.  And I wasn’t jumping up and down outside the entrance waiting for it to open.  Definitely not.)


I think Paris has the prettiest castle of all three parks, but over all the park feels a lot like (a much smaller) Magic Kingdom at WDW.  There aren’t any rides that are completely original to Disneyland Paris (there are in the Studios park, but we didn’t go there), but they were often a little different.  Phantom Manor (Haunted Mansion), for example, is much darker and more scary than at the American parks.  One fun difference is that “Futureworld” is called “Discoverland,” and rather than having a space/future theme, is Jules Verne/steampunk themed.  Space Mountain (below) looks significantly different.


The park was amazingly empty, so there were no lines and very few people.  We got to meet a lot of characters and walked on to most rides — Dumbo, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear — with no wait.  (Cool, but a bit eerie.)  We stayed at the park from open to close (10-7) and we able to ride and see just about everything we wanted and ride our favorite rides multiple times.



It was a fun day; I’m glad we got to experience it.



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