Paris Walks



Paris is a pretty easy city to navigate on foot, so we’ve spent a lot of the past few days walking around neighborhoods and taking in all the history and beauty.  As you can tell from this post of ALL THE THINGS, you can cover a lot of ground in just a couple of days.

Tuesday was market day in our arrondissement, so we started the day at the street market.  Molly was trying to take a video of the live crabs and the fishmonger came out, took the phone from her and handed her different types of live seafood to hold and touch.  It was so cool!


Once we had our dinner supplies, we dropped them off at the flat and headed out to the Ile de Cite, the historic center of Paris, with Rick Steves as our trusty (if dorky) guide.

We started at Notre Dame — the historic center of Paris —  climbing the tower, since Molly and I had missed out on that last time.  I think it was my favorite view of the city.



After exploring the inside of the church, we headed to our favorite Paris cafe, Cafe Panis for lunch.  It didn’t disappoint.



After our late lunch, we headed back over to Sainte-Chapelle, something we’d also missed on our last trip here.  Even under renovation, it’s stunning: wall after wall of stained glass, all built to house the Crown of Thorns.  I think it’s my favorite thing we did this trip.

IMG_5579 IMG_5572


We found some more fun things along our walk —  a century-old metro sign, Shakespeare and Company, Berthillion ice cream — before watching the sunset over the city and walking home in a magically lit up city.








Wednesday morning, we headed to another neighborhood in Paris — the 3rd arrondissement — and explore there, ending up at the newly opened Picasso museum.  Though lovely, this neighborhood isn’t as nearly as showy as historic Paris, but we still managed to see interesting  parks and shops, find Victor Hugo’s house, and eat some yummy pizza before heading into the museum.




The Picasso Museum wasn’t fabulous; I thought the exhibit was a bit haphazard and hard to follow, but there were some lovely pieces.  Molly enjoyed seeing the chair he used as his palette.



(And as a end-of-the-day treat, Bill and I snuck over to the Orsay for an hour to see their Impressionism exhibit and gawk at their lovely building.)


Two lovely days in Paris.  Next up: Disney!


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