Half Term Fun

Here in the UK, schools are basically year round.  There’s a long six-week break in July and August, but school-aged kids are basically in school the rest of the year.  However, there is a week-long break in the middle of each term and a two-week break at the end of each term.  The fall half-term break just wrapped up, and the girls, Bill and I took advantage of all the half-term activities around town.

Monday, we headed to the Oxford Museum of Natural History for “beauty and beasts,” which focused on “the gross and the gorgeous.”  The girls made cock-eyed squid (although JA disagrees that these are gross) and sloths (gross because all sorts of cool things live in their fur on account of their moving so very slowly — even dung beetles!) and looked at some cook specimen jars.  We had so much fun with the crafts, we didn’t make it to the beauty section.




Tuesday we headed a few miles south of town to the Harcourt Arboretum to learn about “Happy Hedgehogs” and take in the gorgeous fall color.  We hadn’t been to the arboretum before, and it was great fun.






Wednesday, we headed out to the Botanic Gardens for their “Wild about Gardens” activity, but it was raining, so we stopped for some hot chocolate, and then popped into a bookstore, and several hours later it was time to head back for my classes.  Luckily, the bookstore was getting in on the half-term activities and Molly did some Paddington crafts.


Thursday we attended the Wizards Tea at Hogwarts, err Christ Church College, where we ate butterbeer cupcakes, chocolate wands, treacle tarts, and pumpkin pasties.






And today we checked out the Museum of the History of Science — a first time to that museum.  We made 3D projects that they lit, placed behind a screen, and filmed for a Big Draw event.  The girls had a blast making their creations and then having them filmed.  Jane Anne made a camera modeled after one in the museum’s exhibits.  It turned out great!







Half-term is a real treat because there are so many fun activities around town, but no time to be sad it’s over — we’re off to Paris in the morning!


2 responses to “Half Term Fun

  • soosieq

    The Museum of the History of Science was a surprise favorite of mine. I literally spent an hour just looking at astrolabes, and another at compasses. I suppose it’s not fair to say a GPS is a lesser work of art, but I’ve yet to be awed by the sight of a TomTom.

  • Leah

    Very nice of Gandalf to provide a brew that day! I guess Dumbledore was too busy? 😉

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