Salisbury and back again (or Stonehenge rocks)


I headed back to Salisbury last week, this time with Bill, the girls, and good friends to tag along.  We started at Salisbury Cathedral and the girls followed a learning trail that connected to Cornelia Funke’s Ghost Knight, which is set in the cathedral.

Molly had fun discovering the (13th! century) grave of Sir William Longespee, the ghost knight, and we learned from a lovely docent that when they moved his grave in the 18th century they found a dead rat full of arsenic in his skull, confirming that he had been poisoned! (A tidbit that certainly fits in with all the Horrible Histories the girls have been checking out from the library!)


We explored the lovely cloister and saw the Magna Carta before grabbing lunch. (Like ya, do.)

IMG_3461 IMG_3444

Then it was time for Stonehenge.  I visited Stonehenge my first visit here in 1993, but Bill and the girls hadn’t been and Stephanie and Katie were excited to see it.  There’s a cool new visitor center and the area around the stone is much nicer than it was 20 years ago (imagine that!).  It was a warm sunny day, so we had a great time walking around the stones and taking silly pictures.

IMG_3468 IMG_3487 IMG_3478IMG_3483

By the time we headed back to Oxford for the night, it was late and we were all tired, but what a fun way to spend a day with fun friends!


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