You say tyre, I say tire


On Tuesday, we continued our quest to conquer all the Fat Tire Bike tours with London’s tour.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day in London, and we were delighted to get to ride through many of the Royal Parks in the city.  We spent a lot of time in Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, seeing Kensington Palace (after all, since Prince William visited our house on Monday, we might was well swing by his), the Albert Memorial, the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, and biking by other sights like Buckingham Palace, the Queen Elizabeth Clock Tower (which the world knows as Big Ben), and Westminster Abbey.  It was fabulously fun!




During our lunch break near Trafalgar Square, we happened on a Chipotle.  Now I usually have a policy of trying not to eat at American chains when traveling, but, oh the salsa.  Be still my heart.  There aren’t any pictures because we were too busy shoveling burritos and chips and guacamole into our mouths.  When we walked out of there to head back to the bike tour, my lips were burning in a most excellent way.  (Molly and I went on a lunch date on Thursday, and when I asked her where she wanted to go, she said “I’d ride an hour on a train for one of those burritos.”  Me, too, dear.  Me, too.)

After the ride was over, we spent the rest of our day in Kensington Gardens.  The girls played on the Princess Diana Memorial Playground for over an hour, and then we walked around in search of Peter Pan.  The park is lovely, and it was a perfect day to stroll.



I’ve noticed that this trip our visits to London are much more leisurely than they were when we visited in 2011.  I think the warmer weather definitely plays a part; last time many of our London visits were cold.  And certainly the fact that my youngest is 8 and not 4 helps.  I also think we don’t feel the need to check things off our list time.  We’ve seen a lot of amazing things — both in 2011 and this summer — and there’s just no need to rush.  I’m loving moving at this pace, and hope it manages to inform more of my travel, and, frankly, more of my day to day.



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