An Exciting Day in Oxford (A Prince, A Fair, and Some Friends)


Well, I suppose the big news is that Prince William was in our back garden.  Not exactly.  But close.  Right on the other side of our fence is a new Dickson Poon China Studies Centre and the Duke of Cambridge came to open it.  Naturally, I delayed the start of class and we all hung out the windows and took pictures.  The Duchess of Cambridge just announced that she is expecting their second child and didn’t attend on the account of morning sickness.  


It was pretty exciting, but I will say that watching the school children practicing their bowing and curtseying was far cuter than Prince William.  

But that’s not all the excitement for today.  The St. Giles Fair fills the streets downtown today and tomorrow.  We’ve recently made friends with a family from church and we met them at the fair tonight.  We’ve gotten to play with their family the past three days, and it’s been lovely.  They have four children, including twin 10 year olds that the girls are quite taken with, and both parents are doctors at the local hospital.  The kids had fun riding rides and eating doughnuts and being together.  

The fair itself was a bit crazy: imagine the West Texas Fair and Rodeo packed into two blocks of city street with tall buildings amplifying the noise.  But it was fun, and I’m really glad we got to experience this part of Oxford life, especially with new friends.  


About to go for quite a spinIMG_2827

Notice the horse’s name.IMG_2846







The dreaming spires from the top of the Ferris Wheel. IMG_2839




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