Oxford Botanic Gardens and Stuff


We’ve been in Oxford for just over a week, and the days have flown by!  We spent a few days settling into the basement of 10 Canterbury Road, visited some of our favorite Oxford places, prepared to start school, and spent a day in London.  Most fun of all, though, the students arrived today!!  We are thankful that they are here safe and sound and we are so ready to start this adventure with them!  

This afternoon we got to give them a quick walking tour of the city, and I loved watching them — even in their very sleep-deprived state, look around in awe at this amazing place!  The walk reminded me of our first afternoon walking tour here, when we walked around bleary-eyed, trying to find our bearings.  We were so excited, yet had so little sense of what the semester would hold.  

To top it all off, my dear friend Camille got to accompany the students here and is staying FOR A WEEK!  I feel like dancing around, jumping up and down, singing “my friend is here!  my friend is here!”

So that’s most of the stuff.  More on London later.  On to the Botanic Gardens part of the post.

Yesterday there was no rain predicted.  Not at all surprising if you’re in Texas in August, but Bruges, and Amsterdam, and Oxford, and London have all seen their share of rain over the past couple of weeks.  I love rain, and I don’t like to complain about it.  You’re just not allowed to do that kind of thing when you live in West Texas.  So I won’t complain about it.  I’ll just say that I took the first chance to spend a non-rainy day outside.  


We packed a picnic, grabbed the sketch books, and walked to the Botanic Garden.  Last time we were in Oxford, the gardens were sporting their winter colors, so it was lovely to see so much summer color.  The girls picked up an educational backpack from the garden office and became garden explorers.  They searched for edible plants, studied different kinds of leaves, and looked at the different continents the plants came from.  The museums here have such a wealth of kid-focused activities: backpacks, learning trails, make and takes.  The girls love visiting, and it’s a great addition to our homeschooling.  Science for Wednesday? check!


After lunch and the backpacks, the girls spent a while sketching plants in their journals.  All four of us were about to just sit, slow down — admittedly something we haven’t done much of this week — and take in beautiful surroundings.  



Fall is quickly on its way — there’s already plenty of evidence of that around — but the forecast predicts warmer, sunnier weather for the next 10 days or so, and we plan to take advantage of that as much as we can!


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