Family Friendly


Much to Molly and Jane Anne’s delight, there have been playgrounds everywhere we’ve been in Switzerland.  In fact, there’s one right outside our apartment.  We can see it from the bedroom window, and the girls have loved heading down there by themselves many afternoons.  There are also playgrounds right in the middle of hikes, or at restaurants, or outside the train stations.  And these aren’t just little kid playgrounds; some of them are full on adventure playgrounds with climbing towers and zip lines.

IMG_1733 IMG_1722 IMG_1706 IMG_1705 IMG_1671 IMG_1668 IMG_1667

In addition to all the great playgrounds, there are some really cool hikes specifically designed for families.  Yesterday, we went on the Felix Weg, which in addition to being a great hike with excellent views, included a chance to practice your cow-milking skills, a long jump pit to compare your jump to alpine animals, a climbing wall, and some alpenhorns.






We’ve all had fun playing and exploring, but I think all the kid-focused places and activities have made Switzerland a real highlight of the trip for the girls.

(Random side note: in additional to being incredibly kid friendly, Switzerland is very dog friendly.  We chatted with a black lab and her owners on the train yesterday.  You can take your dog into many stores, restaurants, on trains, really just about everywhere.)



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