Hiking in Switzerland



One of our favorite things to do as a family is hike. (Well, I think that’s true for most of us.  Molly tolerates hiking as long as there are plenty of snacks involved. And she can be the leader.)  I grew up spending many summers hiking in Colorado, so as we planned this trip the Swiss Alps were a dream destination for me.

We’ve been in our cute little apartment in Wengen, since Sunday, and it’s been everything I dreamed of.  I’m typing, drinking, tea, listening to sheep and cow bells, and looking at the mountains off the balcony right now. We have access to lots of fantastic hikes, and the town of Wengen is great: a few shops, a little grocery store, a very friendly tourist information center.  That’s our apartment on the top floor.




Most mornings after breakfast, we’ll take a train, or cable car, or funicular, or gondola, (or combination of those) up to the start of a trail and leisurely wind our way around and down back to a little town.  There are cafes scattered all along the trails near other small villages or train depots, so we’ll usually stop for lunch mid-hike.  We’ve taken hundreds of pictures in the past few days, but here are a few of my favorites.

IMG_1906 IMG_1580 IMG_1584 IMG_1590 IMG_1599 IMG_1624 IMG_1638

IMG_1696 IMG_1552




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