Bern and Bears


I think every place I’ve visited so far, I’ve thought, “this place is my favorite.  I want to definitely come back here!” And Bern was no exception.  We had less than 24 hours to spend there, but we managed to see some fun stuff.

My main reason for adding a quick trip to Bern to our itinerary was Zentrum Paul Klee.  The girls and I have studied Klee, and I love his art — this is one of my all-time favorite paintings — so I wanted to get to see a large collection of his work.  The museum itself is lovely — having been designed by Renzo Piano, the architect for the Kimbell’s recent addition — the collection and special exhibit were great, and it had a fun kids space.

IMG_1400 IMG_1398

After the museum we stopped at a little cafe next to a park — Bern seems full of them — for dinner and some time to play.  In the meantime, we managed to get poured on while waiting for our dinner.


When the rain let up, we headed out to explore the old city some more.  In front of the Swiss Parliament building are 26 fountains, each representing one of the Swiss cantons.  The already wet girls had fun running through the fountains and managing to get soaked.


The next morning before we left Bern we walked to the Bear park.  The city’s symbol is the bear (you’ll notices on the flags at the top of this post have the Bernese bears), and they’ve had some kind of bear enclosure in the city for centuries.  Right now, there are two bears in the newly-renovated enclosure that even includes a part of the river for them to fish in.

IMG_1458 IMG_1452

Before heading back to the hotel to grab our luggage, we took one more change to get our wiggles out at a little park overlooking the river.  Some of us take our play very seriously.


Looking forward to visiting Bern again someday!


2 responses to “Bern and Bears

  • soosieq

    LOVE that picture of Molly! And JA is looking practically perfect in every way. 🙂

    Your comment about every place being your favorite place– that feeling is exactly why I can’t stand the thought of living in the same place for more than 5 years. (Really, 4 is pushing it.) There are so many wonderful places to live! Isn’t Earth just the best?

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