Freiburg and the Black Forest


I’m a bit behind on blogging about our travels — we haven’t always had great wifi, an adapter was left behind, and we were on the go (with all of our stuff) for a few days.

(We’re now settled nicely into our apartment in Wengen, Switzerland, have much better wifi, found anew adapter, and won’t have to travel with luggage until Sunday.)

After leaving Leipzig we trained for about six hours to Freiburg, which is in the Baden-Württemberg region in far Western Germany and on the edge of the Black Forest, or Schwartzwald.  Freiburg is a charming university town with small canals running through the city center and lovely mosaics on the walkways in front of many of the businesses.

When we arrived on Thursday afternoon, we were tired, hot, and a bit flustered by the tram system being down.  After wandering about and, maybe, arguing over the right way to go, we got on a bus and headed in the direction we hoped our hotel was in.  After we had gotten off the bus and it had pulled away, we realized Bill had left his suitcase on the bus.  Sigh.  The girls and I headed in the direction of the hotel, and he headed back to the train station.  What was lost was found, and there was much rejoicing!  (And, I must confess, I was happy not to have been the one who left something behind, since I’m the one in the family who usually assumes that role.  Like leaving my phone on a funicular today.  It, too, was found.)

We ate dinner and wandered through the old city for a while, and then headed up the Freiburg mountain.




As we walked through the woods, the sun was setting over the city below and it was beautiful.  It was nice to stretch our legs a bit, too, after having sat for a good bit of the day.

The next morning we took a train and a bus up to the little town of St. Märgen, a very cute little German town that looked like it could be straight out of a fairy tale.  We grabbed picnic supplies at the market and headed off on a hike through the forest.  We hiked about 8.5 km through forest and rolling hills overlooking a lovely valley to St. Peter, and equally cute German town.




Along the way, we stopped to eat lunch, play on a playground in the middle of the forest, peek in a couple of small chapels along the way, and marvel at the view.  At the end of the hike, we celebrated with cake before catching the bus and train back to Freiburg.


Bill and I were both pretty enchanted with Freiburg and the Black Forest region.  Two days didn’t seem like nearly long enough to see it’s beauty, but Saturday morning we were on a train headed to Bern, Switzerland, to spend a day there.


2 responses to “Freiburg and the Black Forest

  • Stephen

    Wow. Looks fantastic. Been close to the Black Forest region before, but never in it proper. Must change that soon.


    • janesmom

      I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it. A lot of the travel books are somewhat “ho-hum” about the region, saying it doesn’t compare to the Alps. But the area we saw was absolutely lovely in its own way, and Freiburg has a great university-town vibe.

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