So long, Leipzig


This morning we’re on a train headed toward the Black Forest.  I have mixed emotions about leaving Leipzig.  On one hand, I’m excited about our next destinations, but on the other, I love getting to know a place’s vibe: to start having favorite places and to begin to feel comfortable navigating my way around.  Leipzig is a vibrant and fun city — I’ve loved being in the city center almost every day, full of shops and restaurants and (sometimes curious, sometimes really good) street performers.  I also enjoyed walking through the parks and experiencing the green in ways that really aren’t options in West Texas.



I’ve also really enjoyed our little apartment here.  It’s been great (and cost effective) to have to chance to store food for meals and cook dinners.  We’ve loved people watching on our balcony or sitting outside while the rain cools the air.  We were able to unpack and really settle in for a while.


So we’ve spent the last two days hitting our favorite spots: one more time to awe over Thomaskirche, another evening walk through Johannapark, a little more eis at Central Cafe, a few mementos to display when we’re back in Abilene.



Leipzig, you’ve been lovely.  Hope to see you again soon.


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