Back to Berlin


We wanted to see a a bit more in Berlin before we leave Eastern Germany, so we hopped on a train and spent the day there yesterday.  It’s just about an hour train ride from Leipzig to Berlin, so it’s easy to grab some chai at the train station, catch a train, read on our Kindles and arrive in Berlin shortly.

We went straight to the Pergamon Museum, which was number 1 on Jane Anne’s list of things to do.  Her friend, Matalee, had told her all about it last year and she couldn’t wait to see it.  Unfortunately, she did have to wait — for 2 hours in line just to get in — but it was definitely worth it!  (And we were, once again, thankful for kindles with recently downloaded library books on them.)

The most stunning part of the museum are the Ishtar gates to Nebuchadnezzar II’s Babylon.  Absolutely amazing.



Snarling lions lined the walkways into the city.  I found one.


Also in the museum, there is part of the huge altar at Pergamon.  Around the walls are frieizes that tell the story of the Roman gods’ victory over the giants. Fabulous.


I didn’t catch exactly what this was — it’s in the Islamic section of the museum — but a German guard insisted I take a picture here.  At least that’s what I think she wanted me to do.


We all throughly enjoyed our visit to the museum, and JA was thrilled to see it all.

While in Berlin, I also needed to visit two of the memorials I’m researching.  I spent a while exploring, photographing, videoing and watching visitor interactions at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and the Grunewald (my favorite) memorials.




The memorials are sacred and sobering.  I’m loving getting the opportunity to continue to think about how they function, read other memorial scholarship, and write about them.

There is so much more that we wanted to do in Berlin, but we were limited by time and energy, so we grabbed some ice cream (yes, for dinner) and headed back to Leipzig on the train.  We hope to make the trip back to Berlin sometime on a future trip.


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