Charming Quedlinburg

We’re planning on a lazy day in Leipzig today after two long (but, very fun) days with my parents before they headed home.  Monday, on the recommendation of my friend Karen, we headed to Quedlinbug, a small, medieval town about a 2-hour train ride away.  Quelinburg architecture has remained largely unaffected by wars, so there are 800-year old half timbered houses and a lovely castle complex.  The castle and abbey were both closed on Monday, so we spend the day strolling around the town: looking at the houses and the old town wall, popping in churches, enjoying the lush gardens, walking to the top of castle hill, and , of course, sampling gelato.  The girls even found a playground and spent some time getting their wiggles out.

Quedlinburg was absolutely delightful — it’s Germany as you imagine it.  I am so glad Karen recommended it, and I hope we find time to go back to tour the castle and abbey.  Quedlinburg has a long history of matriarchal rule, and I’d love to learn more about it!














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