Walking, walking, and more walking in Prague



The six of us set out this morning to explore some of Prague’s sights — Charles Bridge, Petrin Hill, Prague Castle — and after some navigational difficulties (and a lot of walking around streets going in all sorts of directions), we made it to the river.  We walked along the Vltava toward the Charles Bridge, watching the boats go by and stopping to rest in the gardens along the way.  As with most cities, Prague is varied, ranging from lovely historic buildings to less less than savory establishments and graffiti covered store fronts.  It’s stunning, though, and seems to have a high number of green spaces, several of which we enjoyed today.





After strolling across the bridge (and waiting for Molly to take a picture of every single statue on the bridge — there are 30), we stopped for a yummy lunch and then headed over to ride the funicular up to the top of Petrin Hill.  The line was very long, and, frankly, I wasn’t sure could stand inside a hot building packed with people, so we started walking up the hill.  The walk was winding and steep in places, but afforded lots of shade, a cool breeze, and fantastic views of the city.  At the top of the hill we were rewarded with a beautiful rose garden and rewarded ourselves with some ice cream.

IMG_0575 IMG_0586 IMG_0590

We wandered around to the Castle complex and enjoyed seeing the castle and St. Vitus Cathedral and doing a little souvenir shopping, while looking down onto the city.  Exhausted and sore, we walked back our apartment, grabbed groceries for dinner, and are about to head to bed for the night.  The girls enjoyed spending a few minutes playing with the toys they spent their money on.





We had a great, if tiring, day in Prague.  Looking forward to more wandering and walking tomorrow.


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