Heading to Europe!

This afternoon we hop on a plane and head to Europe until the end of December!  Over the next 5 1/2 weeks, the four of us will be traveling in 5 countries before we head to Oxford, England, to get ready to meet the students.  We’ve got a Eurail pass and we’ll be moving about the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Tomorrow morning we’ll land in London and then arrive in Prague by tomorrow afternoon.  My parents have been in Paris for about 2 weeks and they’ll meet us in Prague.  We’ll spend 3 days there and then head on to Leipzig, Germany, using Leipzig as a home base for about 2 weeks to explore Eastern Germany.  Then we’re off to the Black Forest for a couple of days before we head to the Swiss Alps for a week.  After Switzerland, we’ll train to Bruges, Belgium, for a week.  We’ll end our summer travels with a few days in Amsterdam before we fly to London.

We plan on seeing lots of famous sights and museums, but also wandering the cities, exploring markets, playing on playgrounds, and taking our time.  I hope that it’s a very relaxing time for our little family after our busy summer.




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