Summer of Change

I feel like there are so many different ways to describe this summer, and most of them would be about chaos and busyness.  In the past month, we’ve:

1.  Sent the girls to camp

2.  Experienced a major hail storm that significantly damaged our car and totaled our roof.

3.  Hosted houseguests.

3.  Moved.

4.  Packed our offices at ACU to be moved this summer.

5.  Prepared to leave the country for almost six months.

I’ve felt pretty crazy on a daily basis, and there are days that it has felt like there was more than I could handle, but when I take the time to reflect, I’m so grateful for all the things that have gotten done, all the opportunities we’ve had, and all the friends who have jumped into help in large and small ways.

So here’s the (not-so) quick run down:

As soon as the girls finished recital, they headed to camp in East Texas for 5 days.  It was Molly’s first time at camp and Bill and my first time to be without kids for that long.  Luckily, we all managed pretty well.  (Actually the girls had a blast.)  My mom and I had a fun day driving them out there and then doing a little shopping on the way back.  Bill and I planned on packing boxes and then spending a day or two in Dallas before we picked them up.  However, the night before we headed out to pick them up from camp, I had decided to make a quick run to the library to pick up a book that was on hold.  While I was out, it started hailing huge hail stones.  Our windshield was broken and there were lots of dents on the car.



We also suspected that the roof was damaged and that a new one would have to go on before we closed (18 days later).  We were right.  (And we had much less damage than many of our friends whose cars were totaled and had much more damage to their homes.)  Nonetheless, we headed to Dallas the next morning in my mom’s car.  Despite feeling rather stressed over the hail, we enjoyed some fun couple time together and picked up the girls from their week at camp.

photo-2 photo-3

The car went into the shop (3+ weeks later, it’s still not fully repaired) and we got a new roof.  A fews days after we got back into town, our dear friends from Chicago came to visit.  They are easy houseguests and were a wonderful distraction from all the craziness.  Susie helped me pack the playroom and finish packing the living room and kitchen, and we enjoyed exploring downtown and the zoo.

IMG_0527 IMG_0519 IMG_0473

Then on Friday, June 27th, we moved! We’ve loved, loved our house of the past 13 years, but for some time we’ve been drawn to an older neighborhood with big trees and big lots.  We gained some more space in our new house, too.  So many people offered to help — they moved things; brought dinner, chai, donuts, sonic drinks; watched our kids; helped us decorate; hung light fixtures; spoke blessings over our new house, etc.  I can’t even name all the love we have been shown during the move.  I am truly grateful for such dear friends.

So for the last two weeks, we’ve been dealing with contractors and insurance, settling in to our new home, saying (temporary) goodbyes to our favorite people, and getting ready to leave the country.  I imagine that on Sunday afternoon we’ll collapse into our airline seats, exhausted from a busy month.

As much as I am sad to leave our new house and dear friends, I’m looking forward to the simplicity of just 4 suitcases, a rail pass instead of a car, and lots of family time.

In my next post, I’ll fill you in on our Europe plans, and you can follow along on our adventures here on the blog, if you’d like.



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