Wrapping up Elementary School

As a 5th grader, this was Jane Anne’s last year at Thomas Elementary!  Hard to believe how quickly the past 6 years have flown, but we’re all excited about new adventures to come!

First day of Kindergarten

First day of Kindergarten

There are lots of really cool things that happen for fifth graders at the end of the year to celebrate.

She competed in the 5th grade track meet, running the 100, 200, and sprint relay.


Her class took a field trip to the Perot science museum in Dallas.  She and Katie had fun being mad scientists and examining their cheek cells under a microscope.



She was celebrated at the awards ceremony for good grades, good citizenship, reading 9 million words, and receiving a Presidential award.


As she moved from Children’s ministry to the youth group at church, Bill and I had the opportunity to speak a blessing over her.  We encouraged her to build on her strengths: to choose kindness, cultivate wisdom, act bravely, and stay curious.

As part of that transition, she attended her first middle school retreat this past weekend. It was an exhausting weekend, especially since it coincided with recital, but she loved thinking about how she can choose to be second and learning to intentionally bless others.

As with most transitions, it’s a bittersweet time for her mama.  When I look at the little kindergartener at the top of the page, I realize how quickly she’s growing up, and we’ll definitely miss many of the sweet times and people at Thomas.  Yet, I love the person she’s becoming — she’s so fun to spend time with — and I know there are many delightful adventures ahead!



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