Confessions of an Erstwhile Blogger

One of my goals as a parent (and, really, as a human) is to resist the glorification of busy and choose simplicity for our family’s rhythm.  The past two months have been anything but simple.  They have been harried and crazy (yet full of joy).  Luckily the busyness was only for a season: today is the last day of the girls’ school, and I look forward to flipping the calendar to a much less full June.

I gave myself permission to take a blogging break during this busy season, but since I use this space for my own record of events in our family’s life, I plan on spending the next few weeks catching up on what’s happened since I last blogged.  Here’s a quick preview:

  • both girls’ birthdays
  • trips to California, Austin and San Antonio for me
  • trips to Chicago and Kentucky for Bill
  • visits from Bill’s brother and sister-in-law and from my brother and sister-in-law
  • buying one house and selling another

I am so looking forward to summer — it’s going to be a little busier than most, with moving and heading to Europe — but I love the relaxing of our rhythms and lots of good time with my people!

Last day of 2nd and 5th grade!

Last day of 2nd and 5th grade!



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