Outdoor Adventures

In the spirit of my 2014 resolution, we headed out to the Abilene State Park one Saturday recently.


Bill was out of town, so we asked our good friends the Blairs to join us for a hike and picnic.  (Jason, their husband/dad was out of town as well.) It was a gorgeous day, in the 70s and sunny, and we set off to conquer the nature trail.  The kids searched for walking sticks, threw rocks into the pond, and followed as many of the side paths as their moms would allow.  Stephanie and I walked and chatted and wondered at how pretty Abilene in February really can be.




There are some cool, old CCC buildings at the state park, so after our picnic the kids had fun exploring and climbing on those.



After spending about 4 hours at the park, Steph and I decided we were so close to “American classicPerini Ranch, that there was no way we should pass that us.  We stopped in for ribs and jalapeño poppers on the patio and watched the deer wander up, the sun set, and the kids played on the outdoor stage.

The day ended up as one of those perfect, easy days — gorgeous weather, and friends who you can never get enough time with.


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