Happy Tuesday

Just popping in for an overdue “hi.”  Though I still intend to reflect on 2013 and talk about plans for 2014, my brain’s a little full for that today.  Between teaching ancient Greek theorists this morning and composition strategies this afternoon (a lovely mix), I’m only good for some pinterest/twitter surfing during lunch today.

Our little family is plugging along.  The girls’ school is going well.  JA’s science teacher has started a Robotics Club after school and JA is loving the afternoons she gets to stay and build/program robots.  Molly’s been voraciously reading the Heroes of Olympus series and sailed past the million-word mark a few weeks ago.

They are loving dance and already learning dances for the masquerade-themed June show.  Here’s a picture of us backstage during the Christmas show.


I got to take a quick trip to Fort Worth with Lisa and Camille to see our friend, Mandy.  Such a fun weekend of laughing, eating, and shopping.  It does my soul good to spend time with these three.


We had a bit of snow and ice on Sunday, which in Texas was enough to cancel church and our small group’s Super Bowl party, as well as cause a late start for school Monday morning.  We loved it!  We snuggled and read by the fire, ate all the wings and artichoke dip we had planned to take to the party, and slept in a bit on Monday.  The girls braved the cold for a few minutes to play outside, but it was mostly ice.  They’re still hoping for real snow sometime this winter.  I’m more anxious to see some green starting to appear on trees and in lawns.


We leave for Europe in just over 5 months, so Bill and I have had fun planning and dreaming.  We’re about ready to buy the plane tickets and we just reserved our apartment in Paris.  Very exciting stuff!

Mainly, though, over the past few weeks since school has started, we’ve been getting back into school and dance rhythms, hanging out with our family friends, and enjoying any downtime at home.  Good stuff.


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