In a lot of ways today at work was pretty crummy, and now I’m wide awake and anxious as I revisit the events and words I said (or didn’t say, or wish I’d said).  I know the best antidote to this kind of anxiety is gratitude, but I’m far better at the practice of letting anxiety fester than I am at being grateful (and gracious). So, a midnight list:

1.  A soft, warm cat who follows me the the living room from the bed and is curled in my lap as I type. 

2. Colder weather that’s on it’s way and the hopeful anticipation of snow.

3. That the semester is wrapping up and a long break is starting soon.

4. My students who are coming to the house tomorrow for hot chocolate and good conversation.

5. Friends who patiently listen to me vent.

6. A way-too-long list of books I want to read and a library to check them out from.

7. The smell of Christmas trees.

8. That I’m beginning to yawn.

Are there things that keep you up at night? How do you handle them? And, more importantly, what are you grateful for in this moment?


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