JA’s Recommended Books from the Summer

As you probably already know, Jane Anne likes to read.  A lot.  I recently asked her what her favorite reads from this summer were, and here’s her list and some commentary.  Hope you enjoy!

Hero’s Guide to Saving your Kingdom

By: Christopher Healy

Who thought there was more than one prince Charming? Prince Fredric, Prince Gustav , Prince Liam, and Prince Duncan. All doing one thing, trying to rescue Ella (Cinderella) .

I really like this book a lot because it shows that things don’t always go as planed. This book is soooooooooooo funny.


By: R.J Palacio

August a ten-year-old boy has facial deformity. At school things are rough for him a boy war starts because a nice boy is friends with him.

This is a sad but super good book.

 When You Reach Me

By: Rebecca Snead

Book, Box, Pocket, and Shoe.  That’s where the main character of the story finds the notes asking her to tell the story of her life.

This book is great mix of emotions containing facts of the life we might experience.

Hokey Pokey

By: Jerry Spinelli

Welcome to Hokey Pokey! A land where there are no rules or adults. Plus FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! Everything is fun for Jack chasing girls, having wars and more until it seems like everything happens at once – he has to leave. This book is a funny perspective of growing up.

 Wednesdays in the Tower

By: Jessica Day George

Sequel to Tuesdays in the Castle young Celie finds a new tower with an egg in it. The egg turns out to be a griffin egg. When the egg hatches Celie decides to keep  the griffin a whole new adventure begins.

 Goose Girl

By: Shannon Hale

Crown Princess Isi is a wind-speaker she can talk to most birds, the wind, and other animals. Selia (Isi’s waiting maid) is a people-speaker which means she can gain control of others by speaking. Selie forces Isi to trade places with her and take a place of an animal-keeper. This story is classic Brothers Grimm retold by Shannon Hale.

The Underneath

By: Kathi applet

A sweet story about a cat with her two kittens, and a dog living together as a family. When danger strikes they have to separate and protect each other from alligators, Garface, and grandmother moccasin.

The reason I like this book is because it’s a sweet story of love told by the dog, the two kittens and a story of regret told by grandmother moccasin.  Its really sweet but is a little sad.


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