Goals for this year

There’s something about September that makes me want to set goals for the “new” year — it’s probably back-to-school schedules and visions (albeit heat-induced visions) of cooler, crisper days to come.

I’m not going to make 38 goals, but here are a few to get me going:

1.  Continue some of the practices I worked to cultivate last year (sabbath, unplugged time, yoga)

2.  Finalize Europe plans  (we’re going for 6 months, ya’ll!!!).

3.  Commit to another spending fast.

4.  Make pumpkin bread.  (That’s really a goal for next week, but I’m putting it here.)

5.  Ride my bike to school some — I’d like to shoot for at least once a week.

6.  Finish up some of the curriculum I want to teach the girls — art and geography.

7.  Create a literature curriculum to accompany our European travels.

8.  Make use of some of the weight equipment at the gym.  (I’ve added some arm weights to my workouts the past few weeks.)

That seems like a good start for now.  Does the new school year make you want to set goals?  What are some of yours?


One response to “Goals for this year

  • mlfhartline

    My goal list is not super long:
    1. To make it through the semester alive with hope for the future intact.

    BUT there was a similar discussion on one of my favorite podcasts, the Slate Political Gabfest, recently. They actually talked about lessons learned over the summer, but it was in the spirit of beginning of school year reflections. So, you are definitely not alone.

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