A Wrench in My Plans

Or more literally, my tire.


Friday was quite a day.  It started with me taking our old, sweet dog, Dudley, to the vet to have surgery for some cancerous places.  I was feeling pretty emotional when I left the vet, having no idea what his prognosis would be.

When I got to school, the tire pressure light came on.  I opened the door and heard a hissing noise.  Not a good sign.  Yep.  A wrench had been driven over and wedged into the tire.  Found out later in the day that it was unpatchable (not surprising) and would require a whole set of tires (not exactly how I had planned to spend that money).  The new tires  would be in on Tuesday.  And we shouldn’t drive our (only) car between now and then.  Sigh.

I went to the campus locker room to shower after my workout only to find out there was no hot water.  Minor problem? Absolutely.  Did I feel like the day was conspiring against me? Yep.

It wasn’t even 11:00 and I was already in a foul mood.  I might have used a choice word or two in a voicemail to Bill.

But here’s the rub.  I went on a morning walk with a friend.  I went to lunch with another friend, and we teared up over what amazing students we get to teach.  My parents loaned us one of their cars until Tuesday.  I sat on the floor the library at the girls’ school and chatted with another friend who’d had an equally chaotic day and we laughed about being forced to slow by our kids taking AR tests.  Yet another family came over for dinner and we ate good food and drank glasses of sangria and talked and laughed until well past when we should have gotten the kids in bed.

And I was reminded how blessed I am.  How full my life is.  Of the marvelousness of it all.

(And Dudley is going to be fine — only one of the spots was cancer and they were able to remove it.)




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