Chicago 2013

I love that when people ask me what we’re going to do when we get to Chicago, I can answer “I’m not sure.  Susie always comes up with something fantastic.”  Since we have been studying art this summer, I had asked if we could head downtown to the Art Institute, but, beyond that, I didn’t have any preferences.

We usually have pretty laid back days while we’re there (one of the many things that makes our visits so wonderful), hanging around the house and only trying to do one big thing a day.

On Wednesday, Susie had arranged for us to work at Feed My Starving Children to fill bags of food to be sent to 3rd-world nations.  We had a blast — great cause, getting to work as a team, fun jobs.

The girls with their “party hats” on before the informational session.


Molly adding the sweet potato to the mix.


Hard workers.


Praying over the filled boxes.


The results:  the volunteers for that day packed 105 boxes (each box has 50 bags, each bag 12 servings)!


On Thursday, we headed into the city and started at the Art Institute.  I had created a scavenger hunt (nerd alert!) for the girls to find art from some of the artists we’re studying this summer — they found art by Picasso, Klee, Monet, Cassatt, Rousseau, Renoir, Warhol, Chagal, and Marc.




The girls brought their swim suits, so after lunch we headed over to Millennium Park to play in the fountains and see “Cloudgate” (the Bean).





Friday we braved the heat and headed to the pool for a couple of hours.


And then Saturday morning, we wandered to the park down the street for a last few minutes of play before we left.


And then (sadly) we boarded the Metra headed to the train station.  I love being with friends who make it so easy.  Can’t wait until we see them again (counting the days!).



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