Savoring Summer

I haven’t blogged much in the past couple of weeks because I haven’t quite known what to say, seeking to find the balance between sharing the highlights (Yellowstone!  End of School!) and the day-to-day.  The older I get, the more I am convinced that the sacred is best found in those day-to-day moments, the liturgy of dinnertime, bedtime stories (the last paragraph on this post gets me every time), popsicles in the backyard.  Yet I struggle how to capture those moments — on the blog and in my memory.  Sometimes I snap a quick picture: the girls reading on a blanket in the backyard, the four of us eating cookies well past their bedtime, and sometimes, I must admit, I’m too tired/anxious/grumpy to be tuned in fully.

So here’s a quick recap of the few weeks since Jane Anne has been home from camp:

We’ve learned about and created art like da Vinci, Franz Marc, and Mary Cassat in our Masterpiece Mondays (Picasso is on tap for this week).

We’ve made space for a new doghouse, cleaned out the garage, and replanted the planters on the back patio on Tackle a Task Tuesdays.

We’ve made peanut butter squares, meatballs, and corn salad on our What’s for Dinner Wednesdays.

We’ve done a Lego challenge, gone to the zoo, and done logic problems on our Thinking Cap Thursdays.

We’ve eaten snowcones, gone to Dallas for a night, and seen a Shakespeare play for our Fun Day Fridays.

We’ve gone to the library many times, read and read and read some more, taken a few naps, and generally enjoyed the lazy days of summer.  (And if you’re thinking that the list above and our summer schedule doesn’t seem very lazy, I will tell you that this mama needs a little routine to her days.  Otherwise we ALL go a bit crazy.)

What’s your summer shaping up like?


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