Grand Teton Highlights

After a few wonderful, but full days in Yellowstone, we were so ready for the calmer pace of the Tetons.  It’s a much smaller park, and though it doesn’t have any shocking sights like the thermal features to the north, the way the Teton range rises quickly out of the valley is absolutely breathtaking!

We saw a bull moose for the first time ever along the banks of the Snake River.  Huge and magnificent!



Saw these two cuties along the banks of the snake river as well!



In the evenings we sat out on the terrace of the hotel as the sun set over the mountains.  The girls cartwheeled in the grass and  the rest of us drank in the beauty of it all.





The next day was definitely my favorite experience of the trip.  All six of us biked from Moose to Jenny Lake and back — sixteen miles of gorgeous scenery and a mostly flat ride.  It was everything I had hoped it would be!



Later that afternoon we hiked a bit along Jenny Lake and enjoyed the quiet.






And, finally, on our last morning there, we ended the trip with a pony ride around the hotel grounds.



It was such a wonderful trip!



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