Yellowstone Highlights — Part Two

Yellowstone is a huge national park and there is a lot to see, so one ends up spending a good bit of time in the car in order to see the major places.  If you combine that with a mom (me) who gets tired of the car quickly (we had driven 20 hours to get there!) and a 7-year old who is not much for walking long distances, it can (a) make you crazy or (b) mean you drive a little, walk a little, rinse and repeat.  I’ll confess we did some of (a) and (b), but, overall, it worked pretty well.  Especially when you throw (c) occasional ice cream stop into the mix.  (Since we’ll be spending a 5 1/2 months in Europe next year, including a week in the Swiss Alps, the little one is going to have to learn to like walking.  And I’m going to have to get better bribes incentives.)

The girls also decided to become Junior Rangers, so having a detailed (and pretty challenging) booklet they needed to work through helped keep them engaged.


I think we all felt like this from time to time.


Hikers extraordinaire at Mammoth Hot Springs


Pretty girls




Our fearless tour guide


Near the Upper Falls


After the Ranger program on bears


Swearing in


Putting her patch on


I scream!


At Artist’s Point on the Canyon of the Yellowstone River


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