Yellowstone Highlights — Part One


After a week home, we’ve just about recovered from our Yellowstone/Teton trip — catching up on laundry, emails, and sleep.  Despite being very tired of the car when we made it back to Abilene, it was a wonderful trip.  We enjoyed seeing our favorite things and showing them off to my parents, who were going for the first time.


Our first full day there, we headed to the Upper Geyser Basin to see Old Faithful (above) and the many geysers along the trail.  We saw Beehive, Old Faithful, Castle, and Sawmill geysers all erupt.  Seeing Sawmill was a treat!  It started to erupt right as we walked by and continued for more than 20 minutes.  It’s right off the boardwalk so it was very close to us as it spurted and spewed.







We also saw a lot of animals over the trip — bighorn sheep, 4 grizzlies, 3 black bears, elk, bison, and a coyote that pounced on his lunch as we were watching.  We’ve never seen this many animals, especially bears, so that was a fun surprise!











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