Summer Time!

Friday was (finally) the girls last day of school!  After a busy weekend of dance rehearsal and recital, we hopped in the car *early* this morning to head to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons for a week.  Once we get home, Jane Anne will head straight to summer camp (nothing like starting summer off with a bang!), but once she’s home, we’ll try to settle into our summer rhythm.



The woke up to a last-day-of-school basket with some fun treats, a tradition we started last year


Last summer, I instituted a summer schedule, and it worked really well for us, so I’m trying it again this summer.  Here’s the plan:

Masterpiece Monday — we’ll have an art lesson about a famous artist, using this book, and then attempt to create a masterpiece of our own.

Tackle-a-task Tuesday — this day was one of the girls’ favorites last year.  We’re planning on assembling a dog house, making a compost bin, making a set of yard dice, etc.

What’s for dinner Wednesday — cook a new recipe together

Thinking Cap Thursday — some kind of brain challenge: lego challenges, science projects

Fun Day Friday — who knows what fun we’ll have!!

Each day they’ll also be chores and some reading/journaling time, as well as lots of free time to play.

Do you have a summer rhythm?



2 responses to “Summer Time!

  • Leah

    Can I come live with you this summer? 🙂

  • Carlee Lane

    So very fun! How cute are those girls??! Have a blast on your vacation. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Your summer schedule looks especially fun as well. I already spy a Monday piece peeking out: Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earring! You’re such a great mom, and friend! Thankful for who you are!

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