What’s on Your…

Earlier this week Katie posted this fun list and glimpse into her life.  I thought I’d play along, too.

Here’s what’s on my…

VANITY | A new bottle of Jo Malone cologne I bought in Europe, a small box for my jewelry that my mom bought for me in the Cotswolds, random cosmetics, some oil cleanser I haven’t yet been brave enough to try, allergy medicine.


REFRIGERATOR SHELVES | Milk, greek yogurt, chai concentrate, eggs (not much — it’s week 15 of the semester!)

ITINERARY | A trip to see several loved ones in Oklahoma at the end of this month, Yellowstone and Tetons in June, Chicago (by train!) in July.

FANTASY ITINERARY | A rail journey through western Canada, a month in a little cabin in the Alps, the Grand Canyon

PLAYLIST | Mumford and Sons, Adele, The Civil Wars

NIGHTSTAND | A lovely box that hides random papers, May’s Real Simple, The Swerve, a lamp, lotion, a picture of the girls, a framed print that says “Live, Laugh, Leap, Love, Learn, Listen”

WORKOUT PLAN | A goal of run/walking MWF mornings and yoga at lunch on T/Th.  Some weeks are better than others.

IPHONE | Lots of pictures of my family, Angry Birds Star Wars.  

TOP 5 LIST | Time with Bill and the girls, hiking, good books, libraries and bookstores, mountains

BUCKET LIST | So many of my dreams have already come true that I’m not a huge bucket list person, but if I were to list one thing today it would be completing the other 3 Fat Tire Bike Tours (London, Paris, Barcelona)

MIND | Making it to the end of the semester, a hurtful comment from a student, a clean eating challenge

BLOGROLL | Simple mom, Simple kids, Dinner a Love Story, Slow Your Home, A Cup of Jo, Cakes, Tea and Dreams

WALLS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE | A bus roll with many of the places we visited while in Europe in 2011, 7 framed black and white photos from that trip, a Winnie the Pooh quote

LAST CREDIT CARD STATEMENT | A Kimbell Art Museum family membership, groceries, gas, random Targetness

SCREENSAVER | Don’t have one – though my computer background is of Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford

TV EVERY NIGHT | I don’t watch TV (but I kill time in lots of other ways :))

What’s on your…?


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