Slowpoke Farm Day


Over the past few years, our family has been trying to eat more local foods.  We’re definitely concerned about pesticides and hormones in our food, but also about the amounts of fuel used to transport foods and the treatment of animals.  Abilene is in a bit of a food desert, so we were thrilled to discover Slowpoke Farms a couple of years ago and have loved getting our meat and eggs from them — we love how well they treat their animals and that they are grass fed and raised free of hormones.

Every spring, the best farmers in the world (I’m not biased at all), invite their customers out to the farm for lunch and time to wander around.  This year was the first time we’ve been able to go, and it was wonderful.

They made a delicious and entirely local lunch, led us on a tour of their animals, and let us wander the property.  The girls even got a chance to feed slop to the pigs.  I love that the girls know where food comes from AND they know our famers.   I’m looking forward to the Farmer’s Market opening up in a few weeks!










(I love this picture of Farmer Joy and Molly)






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