Leipzig has been home to Bach and Goethe, but, most importantly, it’s the study abroad home of my dear friend Karen.  We spent most of our time there being shown around by Karen, who was a fabulous tour guide.  We ate at some great restaurants — I think I may have had the best chai latte in the world — shopped at super cute little shops and saw some really interesting sights.  And, for reals, y’all, we laughed and laughed and laughed, which was the best part about the whole trip.


Me, Susan and Karen with Bach (‘s name).  The nice man taking our picture apparently didn’t understand that we wanted Bach in the picture with us.  Oh, and I missed the sunglasses memo.


Thomaskirche, the church where Back was cantor




Tuesday morning market in the square


Leipzig Holocaust memorial on the site of the synagogue that was destroyed during Kristallnacht — 140 empty chairs.


The Altes Rathaus, Old Town Hall

I hated leaving Leipzig, partly because Karen didn’t join us in Berlin, so we had to say goodbye (20 more days until I see her), but also because Leipzig was so very charming.  Karen’s love for the city was infectious and I felt like there was so much more to see and explore.  (I’m jealous that Susan gets to come and spend a month here in June.)  I hope we get to go back someday.


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