Prague hadn’t ever made my list of top places to visit, but since the Heflins and the Study Abroad group were there, Susan and I decided to meet them in Prague.  And Prague delivered; it was completely charming.

I think my favorite memory of Prague was walking arm in arm with Karen — whom I’d missed so much — over the Charles Bridge.  I was so happy to see her, and just the fact that we were together in this beautiful medieval city felt magical.  I (literally) squealed with delight multiple times.


Friday night, we briefly wandered the market, headed to the Charles Bridge, wandered the city a bit, and then ate a wonderful dinner.


Saturday morning, we met the Heflins again and headed up the funicular to the top of a hill, we climbed a tower to get a view of the city (not my favorite part of the trip — heights aren’t my favorite thing), and then wandered over to the castle complex.  We didn’t go in any of the buildings, but enjoyed marveling at their beauty and stature.  As we wandered down the hill, we found a fun little shop with treasures from all over the Czech Republic and then ate lunch at a fun cafe overlooking the city — another favorite moment.


(This is near the top of the tower.  See how thrilled I am to be there?)




Old Town Square


Trdlo at the market


Sunday we went to the Jerusalem Synagogue and toured a couple exhibits on memorials and Bulgaria’s role in the Holocaust.  Fascinating stuff.


That afternoon, we boarded a train (and made people move from seats that weren’t ours…) for a beautiful ride into Germany.  More on that soon.


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