A Big Week for a Six-Year Old

Last week was a pretty big week for Miss Molly!  On Sunday, she lost her first tooth!  She wrote note to the tooth fairy, asking “where do you take teeth? Why do you take teeth? What do you do with the teeth?”  The tooth fairy only replied, “Magic,” but left a gold dollar.


And then on Saturday, she rode her bike without training wheels.  She and I had practiced a bit over Spring Break, but when she said “I’m going to ride all the way around ACU,” I was doubtful.  I was also very out of breath after running behind her all the way around ACU!



So proud of my big girl!!


2 responses to “A Big Week for a Six-Year Old

  • soosieq

    Was Molly satisfied with the Tooth Fairy’s reply? I would not have been, but then, I never thought to ask when I was in the tooth-selling business. 🙂 What a great girl!

  • janesmom

    She was! And I was a bit surprised at that. I think it had to do with the heart over the “i” in “magic,” something mom would never do 🙂

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