February Spending Fast

It feels a little awkward to talk about a spending fast, but since it was one of my goals for the year, I thought I’d go ahead and tell you about it.

First of all, I chose February because it’s short.  And, when I chose it, not much was planned to happen that month.  I defined the parameters as no eating out and no buying “unnecessary” things.  We would buy from the grocery store, cleaning products, and toiletries that needed to be replenished, and we’d try to avoid buying everything else.

Here’s where I fell short:

  • A Sunday morning Starbucks run on a particularly long weekend
  • Out trip to Albuquerque, which was planned after we decided on the fast, presented some problems — the hotel, transportation, and Bill’s food were covered — so I brought breakfast for the girls and I to eat in the room and we picnicked for lunches, only eating out in the evening.  And Starbucks for me in the morning.  (A caffeinated mom is good for everyone.)
  • Two clearance Life is Good items for JA at REI (also in Albuquerque)

Here’s where I was proud of myself:

  • Having a friend over for lunch instead of going out
  • Not eating out during the conference I hosted, but packing lunch and planning ahead for easy dinners
  • Choosing not to go places that would make it hard to stay on our spending fast (with the exception of REI’s siren song…)
  • Making homemade Valentines for the girls’ classes and for our family

I learned a lot about my habits related to eating out and shopping.  We don’t eat out a lot in the evenings, but I often don’t pack my lunch and end up grabbing fast food instead.  I also feel like I’m being much more intentional about my purchases.  Is it something I really want? Need? Can I come up with another option?

I actually really enjoyed the discipline of limited spending.  I think it’s something I might try every year. But only in February 😉


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