Bill was headed to a conference in Albuquerque last week and was planning on driving, so the girls and I decided to tag along.  I’m not entirely sure why, but this semester’s start has felt pretty stressful — could be the new degree plan committee I chaired, the conference I just finished hosting, hmm — so an opportunity to get out of town for a few days was much needed.  I really debated whether or not to go and add one more thing to our list of things to do, especially since the ACU conference would be less than a week after we got home, but I am so glad I did.

Because it was still pretty cold in the mornings, we sat in the hotel lobby drinking Starbucks and reading before heading out each day.



Molly has discovered a new love of graphic novels, so our semi-reluctant reader has become the child who won’t put a book down.

On Thursday we headed to Petroglyph National Monument and hiked around the site and had a picnic lunch.  The girls also had  great time filling out their activity books to become junior rangers.





On Friday we headed to the Albuquerque Bio Park, where we could get a combo ticket to the aquarium, botanic garden, zoo and train ride ($16 for the three of us!!) and spent the whole day there.






The best part of it all: as we left Abilene and drove toward Albuquerque, I could feel a lot of my stress melt away.  As I spent several fun days with my family and lots of intentional time with the girls, I could feel myself being much more of the mom that I want to be instead of grumpy mom, which I felt like I’d been the past few weeks.  It’s okay for grumpy mom to show up now and then — I’m not perfect and I don’t want the girls to think I am — but it’s sure a lot more pleasant when fun mom’s around!



One response to “Albuquerque

  • Susie

    great photos! and $16 for all three of you to all those places?? costs just that amount to PARK around Chicago!! So glad you had restful family time together.

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