End of January Musings

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is February — that short little month that flies by — and then it will be March and Spring Break and a birthday (10 years old!), and April with my trip to Germany, and then May and the end of the semester and another birthday (7!)…

Oh dear, deep breaths.

So, January.  Everyone is solidly back at school, so the last few weeks have been largely uneventful as we’ve readjusted to our routine, continued to get over our Christmas colds, and prepped for classes.  But the Spring semester brings thoughts of spring and summer activities, so we’ve enjoyed planning for those.

  • Several big projects I’ve been working on at ACU are wrapping up.
  • We’ve started Sabbath time on Fridays evening to Saturday evening, no electronics and no errands.
  • The girls are starting to prepare for their Spring Dance Show, which is Under the Sea themed.  Molly is a baby mermaid (ballet) and an ice fish (jazz, to “Ice, Ice Baby), and Jane Anne is sand (ballet), a seahorse (ballet), and a love fish (lyrical).
  • The girls and I are planning on accompanying Bill to Albuquerque for a conference in a few weeks.
  • I’ve signed up JA for summer camp where she went last summer.
  • Molly’s deciding between art camp and pony camp.  A *very* difficult decision, mind you.
  • We bought train tickets to travel to Chicago in July.
  • I’ve been working to finalize details for the conference ACU is hosting (and I’m serving as Local Arrangement Chair for) next month.
  • My friend has convinced me to run a 5K with her and provided me with a much-need incentive to exercise.

I’ve enjoyed a mostly uneventful month, but I’m looking forward to crossing some things off my list and to many more adventures with my family and friends.


One response to “End of January Musings

  • Shanna

    Pony camp! I went to pony camp one summer and it changed my life forever (no exaggeration–that’s when I started riding). Is it a camp around Abilene?

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