Chicago, Boston, and San Antonio were fun destinations to hit in the past four weeks — and each one held a unique adventure — but I am so glad to be home for a while.  We aren’t traveling for Thanksgiving or Christmas, so we will just be able to slow down (a rare gift at this time of the year) and enjoy the pleasures of home.

The combination of traveling more than usual and the approach of Thanksgiving has made me particularly thankful for everything that home holds.  It seems obvious and cliche to say that home is more than my house.  It holds the people (and animals) that I love most, and they are the ones I most miss when I travel.

But I really like my house, too.  I like my bed.  A lot.  I like the large amounts of counter space I have in my kitchen.  I love all the windows and the way the house is flooded with natural light in the morning.  I like all the colors on my walls: red in my kitchen, green in the living and dining rooms, yellow in my bedroom.

I’m even thankful for the parts I don’t love.  Much of our upholstered furniture has one area that’s been shredded by a cat (and some of it has really classy tape over it to keep the cats away).  But I love having cats.  I don’t love my prefab shower, but I love having plenty of hot water and pretty good water pressure.

I love thinking about the transformation over the past 11 years of living here.  Some changes were simple, like new paint in every room, but others, like new flooring and a remodeled kitchen put much more of our mark on the house.  And I love dreaming about other changes we might make down the road, like that shower.

I am so thankful to have someone(s) and something to beckon me back home.


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