And On to San Antonio

This past weekend, Bill and I both attended a conference in San Antonio and decided to bring the girls along.  Between conference sessions we managed to have some really sweet family time.

We explored the Alamo.  In 4th grade, JA is studying Texas history, so she really enjoyed getting to see this Texas landmark.

We went to the San Antonio Zoo.  One of the best parts was the butterfly exhibit, where both girls had several butterflies land on them.

We explored the Riverwalk.  While one of us was in a conference session, the other would take the girls down to the river to stroll.  One afternoon, the girls and I wandered for a couple of hours down a particularly quiet section of the river.  We talked, laughed, took pictures, and just enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon.

On the way home, we stopped in Kerrville for the afternoon.  We explored a local park with Jozie — throwing rocks into the Guadalupe and taking a nature walk — and then ate lunch together.  I loved getting to spend time with Jozie, and it was a perfect end to a great trip.


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