Quick Trip to Boston

I’ve been serving on an editorial board for a forthcoming composition textbook for Cengage Learning, and last week the entire editorial board — including the textbook’s author — convened in Boston for a day of meetings.  It was a very short trip (made even shorter by airline delays that meant I got to hang out in DFW for 4 extra hours), and our day of meetings was useful and informative, but long.

Still it was a good trip.  I enjoy the inability to access the electronic world during flight; I like having time with my thoughts for a while; and I like having a king bed to myself for a couple of nights.  I tire of my own company quickly, but a few days of aloneness is renewing for me.

Early morning walk to Starbucks

The most enjoyable part, though, was getting to reconnect with friends.  Katie and Jeremiah, friends from church and work, moved to Boston two years ago, and we were able to meet up Friday night for a lovely evening.  I met Katie downtown near her work, and we spent some time strolling through the Public garden, the Beacon Hill neighborhood, and on to the North End to meet Jeremiah for dinner.

Making Way in the Public Garden

It was such a treat to explore with Katie.  Sandy’s wind hadn’t knocked all the fall color off the trees, and we wandered quintessential Boston neighborhoods as we chatted about living in a city, being far from loved ones, and cold winters.  I had a wonderful lasagna at dinner and then we headed out for gelato (sorry, Shanna, no Mike’s).  Katie, Jeremiah, and I talked about church, friends, marriage, work, and life, and the evening flew by.  I’m thankful for a deepened friendship with both of them.

And as quick as I came, I headed home.  Less than 48 hours after I arrived.  I was disappointed that I didn’t get to spend more time in Boston — it’s a fantastic city — but was ready to be home to sweet ones that awaited me there.


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