Fall Fun

Fall is my absolutely favorite season.  I love the cooler temps — even if it’s not quite cool, yet — fall colors and recipes, even the shorter days.

Now that October is here, it’s really starting to feel like fall.  I know we’re 8 or so days into the season, but since it was 95 on the official first day, it didn’t seem quite here yet.  (I did wear a cute new, fall-colored cardigan to celebrate.)  We have a busy fall planned; in fact, I’ll be traveling four weekends in a row, which feels incredibly exciting (Chicago!  Boston!) and a bit overwhelming.  In the midst of this busyness, I want to be intentional about making sure we do some special fall activities.   Here’s a list of things I’d like to do:

1.  Visit Abilene State Park.  Hike.  Picnic.  Relax.

2.  Make Alyssa’s pumpkin bread.

3.  Cook some soup (maybe in the crock pot for Monday nights?)

4.  Take the girls star gazing.

5.  Take the girls to our local pumpkin “patch” and decorate/carve pumpkins.

6.  Do this outdoor activity and mail it to a friend.


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