Vultures Urinate on their Legs to Keep Cool, or September’s Learning Adventure Day

Last Spring, we had our first Learning Adventure Day, and I decided we needed to have at least one a month during the school year.  Since September seems to be whizzing by, I figured we needed to act quickly to get our day in.  Tuesday afternoon was free for both Bill and me, and it was a gorgeous 70-degree, sunny day.  We picked up the girls from school after lunch (much to their surprise) and headed to the Abilene Zoo.

We pretty much had the zoo to ourselves and spent and hour and half wandering at whatever pace they wanted to go.  It was a wonderful afternoon (despite one instance of hanger — hunger anger).  As we were driving home, I asked the girls what they learned.

Molly: “Owls can hear in 3D”

Jane Anne: “Since they can’t sweat, vultures urinate on their legs to keep cool”

Sounds like a successful day!



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