Back to Dance

After church on Sunday, Molly said “I want this day to go by so fast!”  She was counting down the hours until her first dance classes on Monday evening.

So, at our house, we’re back in the dance routine (pun intended).  Jane Anne started two of her classes last week, and then she and Molly both started the rest of their classes on Monday.  This year we added 2 more classes — Jane Anne is taking 3 (2 ballet classes and lyrical) and Molly is taking 2 (ballet and jazz) — for a total of 5.  This means we’re at the studio 3 days a week, which can make afternoons a little hectic.

But it’s worth it.  Not because I have any illusions that the girls will grow up to be prima ballerinas.  Because they love it.  The wonderful studio owner/girls’ teacher is an amazing woman who praises them and challenges them and loves them.  The recitals and shows are full of all body shapes and sizes, as well as all ages — from little 3 year old ballerinas to 70 year old tap dancers.

When the girls were very little, Bill and I decided that we wanted them to become involved in some kind of physical activity — soccer, tee-ball, dance, gymnastics, something — to learn to love to use their bodies.  I don’t think either of us imagined how this would turn out.  As Jane Anne starts her 7th year of dance and Molly her 4th, we see such joy as they get ready to start.


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