That which is not blogged

At the risk of feeling like I’m stealing all of my post ideas from Katie, I love her post discussing what she didn’t blog about this summer.  Katie’s ideas resonated with me for so many reasons.  As someone who blogs mostly to keep a record of the life of our family, I have a hard time finding the balance of what to blog about.  If I blog about the mundane — we had corn for dinner! — I worry about sharing minute details that few people care to know (with the possible exception of grandparents, of course).  On the other hand, if I only blog about the rare moments when my parenting goals and my children’s moods and the stars all perfectly align, I worry about it seeming that my life is absolutely perfect and I am super mom.  In addition to being completely untrue, I think this message is disastrous to relationships  — a whole other post in itself…

How does one capture in a blog post, the wonder and bravery of Jane Anne catching a gecko in the bathtub Tuesday night, and then Molly’s giggles as it crawled up her arm when we took it outside to let it go?  I can’t capture a moment like that with a camera, but I also want to hold on to it.

How can I capture Molly’s temper and the ways it simultaneously makes me want to scream back at her and laugh with joy at her strong spirit?

The list of things I can’t and don’t capture goes on — snow cones eaten, walks taken around campus, play dates had, books read, dishes washed, blanket forts built, snuggles given, dress-up clothes modeled, the thousands of silly pictures Molly takes of herself with my phone, and even the days when I’m not really in the mood to parent anymore  — those are the sacred moments that really make up our lives, yet they don’t always translate into blog posts.

I’m not sure how to resolve this tension, or, frankly, conclude this post.  So I’ll end with this favorite moment and Katie’s question:  What have you left unblogged this summer?


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